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"Atlantis" All Weather Satin Brass WasteMaster™ Collection

The Only Satin Brass Receptacles, that are
Even Outdoors... GUARANTEED!


The "Atlantis" WasteMaster™ Collection features a Classic, Satin Brass finish, and is designed with distinction, elegance and lasting durability. It's heavy gauge, beautifully finished "All Weather", rolled Satin Aluminum construction will withstand years of use and abuse in even the most demanding environments.

The beautiful, Satin Brass finished tops are formed by a hand spinning process from heavy gauge, seamless aluminum and then satin polished and finished with a permanent, high temperature baked enamel coating for an everlasting tarnish, rust and scratch resistant surface. These waste receptacles are certain to add that “Sophisticated Styling" to any decor.

Additionally, every WasteMaster™ receptacle contains a tough, galvanized steel inner receptacle with both a "lift out" handle for easy removal of refuse and a permanent "rolled on" non-corrosive, non-rusting aluminum bottom for added floor protection.




Waste Receptacles
Item Description Dia Ht Wt Cap Opening
S1536BE Dome Top Self Closing 15" 36" 29 lbs 16 Gal 7"
F1533BE Funnel Top 15" 33" 27 lbs 16Gal 9"
F2035BE Funnel Top 20" 35" 42 lbs 33 Gal 12"
F924BE Funnel Top 9" 23" 13 lbs 6 Gal 7"
TA1533BE Tip Action Self Closing 15" 33" 27 lbs 16 Gal 9"
TA2035BE Tip Action Self Closing 20" 35" 42 lbs 33 Gal 12"
C1566BE Flat Top 15" 31" 26 lbs 11 Gal 6"x10"
C2066BE Flat Top 20" 31" 36 lbs 19 Gal 6"x10"
Ash / Trash and Ash Receptacles
Item Description Dia Ht Wt Cap Opening
192BE Sand Cover Ash / Trash 9" 23" 9 lbs 3 Gal 6"
F192BE Funnel Top Ash / Trash 9" 23" 10 lbs 3 Gal 6"
C1560BE Sand Cover Ash / Trash 15" 31" 26 lbs 11 Gal 6"x10"
C2060BE Sand Cover Ash / Trash 20" 31" 36 lbs 19 Gal 6"x10"
923BE Sand Cover Urn 9" 23" 6 lbs    
F923BE Funnel Cover Urn 9" 23" 9 lbs    
523BE Funnel Cover Urn 5" 23" 15 lbs    
Item Description Dia Ht Wt Cap Opening
66BE Wastebasket 10" 15" 5 lbs    

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