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Innovations Guest Room Attendant Cart

“We’re Listening & We Made It Better”

Innovations Manufacturing and Distributing proudly introduces the finest line of Room Attendant equipment available: manufacturing to meet your pricing, delivery, and quality requirements.  Our on going emphasis is on weight reduction and ergonomics; working to help minimize work related injury and employee down time.

We know you’re tired of heavy metal carts and plastic that doesn’t last.  We know your present carts get battered and ugly from doorknob damage.  The Innovations cart is a combination of steel and plastic, utilizing the best qualities of both materials.  A strong and durable steel frame, base and shelves are combined with an attractive, sturdy and lightweight high-tech plastic (like the inside wall of an airplane).  A new matching 360-degree bumper system (no more dreary gray) keeps this cart looking great for years. 

The entire cart is modular in its design, so if there is damage, you simply replace the part that’s bad.  In addition, if you want a component added, just buy it and put it on.  For example; if you are using plastic glasses when you buy your cart and decide to change to glassware next year…just buy the Under Deck Glass Rack and bolt it to the frame of the cart, the cart is ready for changes. 

Add options like a set of rolling corner bumpers, the very finest bags available, an under deck glass rack to keep soiled glasses away from clean linen.  Perhaps you need a 4” drawer under the top shelf, or a top amenity organizer with a partitioned drawer for closed storage.  You may want a different bag configuration, giving you space for rejected linen, or recycling. You simply choose the items you want or need from a menu. Innovations GRA carts come fully assembled and ready for service. 

A consortium of 150 Executive Housekeepers, Room Attendants, Engineering and Maintenance people, Purchasing and Property Managers, met with Innovations Manufacturing & Distributing to create a line of GRA carts with all of the issues important to each.   

Please contact us if you don’t see exactly what you want and/or need…we don’t mind making changes

Contact us for individual needs and pricing at 702-558-1865 or by e-mail at sales@imd2001.com.


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