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  Public Area Transport Carts

Challenge…"How do we transport trash, soiled linen, housekeeping supplies, and dishware throughout our property without offending our customers?"

This expanding line by Innovations Manufacturing (all pending patents apply) currently includes several Material Handling products all with the aesthetic appeal your property insists upon. Many of the photographs are direct from the fabrication floor, any artwork is proprietary and being used for first article purposes only.

This attractive collection finished to compliment your interior design will delight management, owners, and discerning guests.

PAD Transport/Porter Cart Mid Size Trash Cart

Large Trash Cart

Bussing Cart
2 Door Transport Cart Housekeeping Cart Misc. Laminated  Transport Carts Mattress Cart
  Carts / Trucks
  Crowd Control
  Custom Fabrication
  Folding Luggage Racks
  Gaming Carts & Cabinets
  Housekeeping Carts
  Laundry Carts & Acces.
  Mop & Broom Holders
  Restroom Furnishings
  Trash/Ash Receptacles
  Waste Receptacles
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